Beach Bums Reading Program

March is National Reading Month and the highlight of the month is the 2017 kickoff of the Beach Bums Reading Program. 2016 was an awesome reading season with over 15,000 children from the area from reading books to earn awards.

Since the program began in March 2006, approximately 120,000 area school children have been challenged to "read around the bases" and "hit a homerun" for prizes including a chair back ticket to a Beach Bums game.

Sponsors of the program include Suttons Bay Public Schools, TBAISD (Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District), and the Traverse City Beach Bums.

Children is the following schools are participating in the Reading Program in 2017:

  • Bellaire Elementary - Bellaire, MI
  • Betsie Valley Elementary - Thompsonville, MI
  • Blair Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Buckley Public Schools - Buckley, MI
  • Central Grade School - Traverse City, MI
  • Cherry Knoll Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Cherry St.Intermediate School - Kalkaska, MI
  • Courtade Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Eastern Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Fife Lake Elementary - Fife Lake, MI
  • Glen Lake Elementary - Maple City, MI
  • Holy Angels Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Immaculate Conception - Traverse City, MI
  • Kingsley Elementary - Kingsley, MI
  • Lakeland Elementary - Elk Rapids, MI
  • Leland Elementary - Leland, MI
  • Mancelona Head Start - Mancelona, MI
  • Mancelona Elementary - Mancelona, MI
  • Mesick Consolidated Schools - Mesick, MI
  • Mill Creek Elementary - Williamsburg, MI
  • Northport Public Schools - Northport, MI
  • Platte River Elementary - Honor, MI
  • Silver Lake Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • St. Ann School - Cadillac, MI
  • St. Mary's School-Hannah - Kingsley, MI
  • St. Mary's School of Lake Leelanau - Lake Leelanau, MI
  • Suttons Bay Elementary - Suttons Bay, MI
  • Way to Grow - Traverse City, MI
  • Westwoods Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Oak Park- 3 Pre-School Groups - Traverse City, MI
  • Willow Hill Elementary - Traverse City, MI
  • Homeschoolers - Traverse City, MI

The Beach Bums Reading Program supports reading at all ages!

Here's how the program works:

  1. Start reading! Find a good book, curl up and start reading! Suntan & Sunburn love to read about baseball but they also like all different types of books. It does not matter what type of book you read, as long as you enjoy it!
  2. Record every book you finish on your poster. An added challenge for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders: ONE book = 100 pages. For example, a book with a lot of pages such as Harry Potter may equal four or five books.
  3. When you finish reading your way around the bases, have your teacher check your poster and add your name to the Super Reader List.

Prize Breakdown

First Base (5 Books): Free children's Ticket (under age 12) - Not valid for playoff games or other events, regular season games only

Second Base (10 Books): Free Autographed Poster of Suntan and Sunburn

Third Base (15 Books): Coupon for Free Northwoods Soda Fountain Pop

Home Run (20 Books): Free children's voucher (under age 12) - vouchers are good for any 2017 home game

If you only read part way around the bases, that's okay! Your teacher will add your name to the Super Reader List and check off which base you reached. So get out there and read, read, read!

Prizes and tickets will be delivered to each school during the month of May, depending on availability.

If your school would like to coordinate a school outing, the Beach Bums ticket office will work with students and their parents to block out a special area for each school. Watch the website to see if there are any special promotions on the night that you will be visiting the park!

Family and friends may purchase additional tickets by calling the Beach Bums Ticket Office at 231-943-0100, visiting the team website at or stopping by the Wuerfel Park Ticket Office during regular business hours.

KEEP READING and remember... "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." - Plutarch

For more information on the Reading Club, please contact us directly at:

Telephone: 231-943-0100


Upcoming Home Games

May 23rd 5:05 PM
Florence Freedom
May 24th 7:05 PM
Florence Freedom
May 25th 7:05 PM
Evansville Otters
May 26th 7:05 PM
Evansville Otters